Help Businesses Grow


Many Further Education colleges, and private training providers find engaging employers a challenging task. Even if you have won their business, it is not always easy to keep it!


At Allen Apprenticeships and Skills, our CEO has many years experience in working with employers, and in understand what it is that they look for in a training partner. In recent times, Tony Allen has managed the SFA’s contracts with employers. As well as developing a real understanding of what they want, he has built up a wide range of contacts in large and small businesses.


None of the approach to employer engagement is ‘rocket science’, but many colleges and private training providers approach employers with the wrong mind-set. Those who are most successful, adapt to the employer, and flex their business accordingly. 


Allen Apprenticeships and Skills can help and FE college or private training provider to develop and refine their employer engagement strategy. We can help you put in place a simple yet clear approach to targeting particular employers.


The view of the government is simple. Employers should be in the driving seat in any relationship. As the funding method for apprenticeships changes, employers will become more discerning, and FE colleges and private training providers need to respond to this change. We can help you lead what happens in the market…not just respond to it.



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