Quality Reviews

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In addition to our Funding Compliance reviews, we also offer a programme Quality Review, based on the key aspects of the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, and the key milestones in your own Learner journey. 

As part of the review, we talk to learners, employers and your own team, as well as sitting in on learning sessions. We also look at your curriculum materials, your Self Assessment Report (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). This gives us a good impression of the quality of your programme. 

The outcome of the review is :

* A detailed RAG rated report highlighting both the strengths of your programme, and the areas for improvement.

* A Powerpoint presentation setting out the key aspects of the report, so that they can easily be communicated to your team. 

We also provide the option of reviewing your SAR and QIP 

Other more bespoke levels of support can be provided. Just ask!