Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting Apprentices - how we can assist

The reforms to apprenticeships will have a significant impact upon recruitment for all businesses. For example, larger business will want to spend their levy.


There is already anecdotal evidence that some large businesses are reducing their graduate recruitment, and employing more higher and degree apprentices. This will impact on the number of especially young people that are available in what is already a tightening recruitment market.


How will this impact on your business? Where will you get you future talented staff from? Will you have to pay more?

Bespoke Recruitment Strategy


Allen Apprenticeships and Skills can offer a bespoke service to review your whole recruitment strategy.


We will help you make sure that you are not only recruiting the right people, but also make sure that the ones that you have feel more motivated and ‘loyal’ to your business.


We will take a detailed look at how your recruit, where your sources are, and how you can reduce your staff turnover, keeping the best people for your business.

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